Ideas for Planting

Rhododendron ' Nova Zembla'

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Its suggested that when planting plants of the same variety, is to plant one, three or more in a group.......Plant the tall tree form Rhododendrons in an alcove of your garden, then beneath the canopy of Rhododendrons, place a bench, sit back and relax with a good book...add a quiet pool of water...or the sound of a bubbling water feature.......Design a sea of tall tree form Rhododendrons to stroll beneath, and add shade loving ground cover, ferns for that natural look.......Group the tall tree form Rhododendrons with plantings of ground covers and bulb flowers beneath to enhance the bare trunk branching patterns, that will show the different bark colors, and textures.......Rhododendrons planted as a privacy screening.......Plant the perimeter of your garden with the tall tree form Rhododendrons in the background, with lower growing Rhododendrons in front, or lower complimentary shrubs planted in front for fullness...this way you will enjoy the view from inside, looking out to your colorful garden.......Rhododendron hedges that grow together, or mixed with other types of shrubs or trees.......Ideas are endless, when planting with tall tree form Rhododendrons...that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes...tall, short, wide, narrow, large caliper trunks, multi-trunks, umbrella shaped...already ahead in years, no waiting to grow to the large and tall sizes...that are available here now.

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